Hankey Seed Company is proud to be an owner–member of NorthStar Genetics and carries their complete lineup of Corn Hybrids. Hankey Seed offers everything from a double stacked VT Double Pro to straight Roundup. We also have a few Agrisure hybrids also. Our large selection allows us to tailor the hybrid to your farm. Give us a call and allow us to help you pick the right corn hybrid for your farm.

Corn Hybrids

VS 81-481

  • RM: 81 Days
  • Proven consistently good yield performance
  • Very good fall stalk strength and intactness allows harvest flexibility
  • Very good grain quality
  • Open husks, very good drydown
  • Best performance at higher populations north of Hwy 2

VS 80-580

  • RM: 80 Days
  • Emerges quickly, tassels, and sets up grain early, allowing for excellent northerly movement
  • Good yield potential across varying soil types
  • Above-average drydown allows for earlier harvest
  • Very good all-around disease resistance
  • Very good root strength and drought-stress tolerance
  • Best performance at higher populations
  • Not a good choice for late-harvest fields

VS 85-572

  • RM: 85 Days
  • Very good yield performance on good ground and under drought stress
  • Medium-tall plant with excellent early-season vigor
  • Good all-around plant health, well-suited for corn-on-corn environments
  • Strong stalks and roots allow harvest flexibility
  • Well-adapted to high-management environments

NS 82-182

  • RM: 82 Days
  • Very good fall stalk strength
  • Good grain quality
  • Best performance on medium to heavy soils
  • Responds well to good fertility management
  • Husks open nicely at maturity for very good drydown

NS 84-171

  • RM: 84 Days
  • Very good fall stalk strength
  • Above average drydown rating
  • Med-tall plant with good emergence
  • Best performance at medium to high populations
  • Better performance on well drained soils

NS 77-311

  • RM: 77 Days
  • GDUS to BL: 2005
  • Well-adapted up the Canadian border
  • Dual-purpose hybrid with good stay green
  • Very good root strength
  • Glyphosate and Liberty tolerant
  • Requires 20% refuge

VS 85-510

  • RM: 85 Days
  • Consistent yield performance has made this a benchmark hybrid
  • Outstanding drought-stress tolerance
  • Strong stalks and roots allow for harvest flexibility
  • Tough hybrid that can handle variable soils, populations, and management conditions

 VS 78-510

  • RM: 78 Days
  • Good yield potential for ultra-early corn
  • Very good standability and late-season intactness for harvest flexibility
  • Very good drought-stress tolerance and ability to handle variable soils
  • Medium-tall plant with very good emergence
  • Nice semi-flex ear with excellent test-weight grain
  • Best performance north of Hwy 2