Hankey Seed Company is proud to be a conditioner and grower of 3 elite soybean companies including Robseeco, Latham, and Mustang. Hankey Seed grows and processes Enlist (E3) Soybeans and Extendflex Soybeans. By carrying both traits and a wide selection of varieties we can offer soybeans for any condition. Give us a call and allow us to help you pick the right beans for your farm.

Soybean Varieties We Offer

IS 00836 E3

  • RM: 00.8
  • Very good IDC tolerance and northern
  • Good SWM tolerance allows for flexible
    row spacing
  • SCN variety with good stress tolerance

IS 0156 E3

  • RM: 0.1
  • Consistent variety with very good IDC
    tolerance and standability
  • Rps3a gene for Phytophthora resistance
  • Medium plant height with a medium
    bush canopy

IS 0343 E3

  • RM: 0.3
  • Combines IDC tolerance with the ability
    to handle variable yield environments
  • SCN variety with flexible placement
  • Medium plant height with good yield

IS 0515 E3

  • RM: 0.5
  • Outstanding IDC tolerance
  • Solid performance record on high
    yielding and variable/stress acres
  • Fast emergence and Rps1kH3a
    Phytophthora protection for a strong

L 00725 XF

  • RM: 00.7
  • Latham’s earliest XtendFlex® offering for 2023
  • Strong performance in and south of zone
  • Medium-tall plant with good standability and strong IDC tolerance
  • Suited for both wide and narrow rows

L 0136 E3

  • RM: 0.1
  • Exciting yield upgrade in this maturity
  • Very strong Phytophthora Root Rot (PRR) tolerance with Rps1a3a gene
  • Medium-tall plant height
  • Excellent Charcoal Root Rot tolerance

L 0254 XF

  • RM: 0.2
  • Lathams earliest XtendFlex offering for 2022
  • Rps1-c gene for Phytophthora
  • Resistant to Brown Stem Rot
  • Tall, fairly bushy plant type


  • RM: 0.08
  • Good fit for northern ND and MN
  • Solid IDC and White Mold rating
  • Medium height, good late season standability

AE 0140

  • RM: 0.1
  • Great IDC tolerance
  • Rp3a phytopthora gene coupled with solid tolerance
  • Quality mix of agronomy and yield