Hankey Seed Company is fortunate to grow and condition for all the major Northern Plains wheat breeders. Our large selection allows you to pick and choose the right varieties. We make it easy for you to have one stop shopping and still diversify your risk.

Certified seed is defined as seed that has passed an inspection and seed testing process regulated by government agencies and that it meets specified variety standards.

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Wheat Varieties

Agripro – Syngenta

HY 141 F1 Hybrid

  • Increased yield potential
  • Excellent Protein
  • Rapid & enhanced tiller production results in an increase of weed control
  • Non-GMO

AP Murdock

  • Excellent yield with good protein
  • Medium early maturity
  • Good to very good standability
  • Good to very good fusarium head blight and bacterial leaf streak tolerance

SY Valda

  • Top-end yield potential
  • Strong disease tolerance
  • Tillers well with slightly later maturity
  • Handles most soil types
  • Maintains protein levels



  • Broad Adaptability and Excellent Yield Potential
  • Excellent Protein Content
  • Excellent Standability
  • Very Good Yellow (Stripe) Rust Tolerance
  • Single-Use License Variety


  • Excellent Yield Potential
  • Broadly Adaptable
  • Excellent Standability
  • Very Good Protein Content
  • Single-Use License Variety

WB 9479

  • Excellent Yield Potential
  • Excellent Protein Content
  • Excellent Standability
  • Good Disease Tolerance Package
  • Single-Use License Variety

Limagrain Cereal Seeds

LCS Cannon


3099 A

  • Extremely high yield potential with unique genetics in the industry