Hankey Seed Company is proud to be an owner/member of NorthStar Genetics and carries their complete lineup of Soybeans. Hankey Seed grows and processes Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans and the Liberty Link Soybeans. By carrying both traits and a wide selection of varieties we can offer soybeans for any condition. Give us a call and allow us to help you pick the right beans for your farm.

Soybean Varieties We Offer

NS 0057R2

  • RM: 00.5
  • Great yielder for early maturity
  • Very good IDC tolerance
  • Pods well on lateral branches

NS 0080R2

  • RM: 00.6
  • Very good plant height with exceptional branching
  • Proven yield across diverse geography
  • Very strong yield for maturity

NS 0088R2

  • RM: 00.8
  • Proven top IDC tolerance, consistent in 2013/2014 NDSU testing
  • Exhibits very good Phytophthora field tolerance
  • Performs well in the Valley and moves west well
  • Carries cyst resistance genes

NS 0096R2

  • RM: 00.9
  • Proven performance with great customer satisfaction
  • Plant type works in all row widths
  • Adapted well in the Valley and east or west in maturity zone

NS 0060NR2

  • RM: 00.6
  • Med-tall and attractive with extensive branching
  • Very good emergence, IDC, and PRR scores
  • Excellent yields in an early, cyst-resistant variety

NS 0081NR2

  • RM: 00.8
  • High yield performance across our northern ND & MN early market area
  • Combination of Rps3a and 1c tolerance in one product
  • Med-tall, medium canopy product

NS 0090R2

  • RM: 00.9
  • Highest rated soybean for IDC tolerance in 2014 NDSU testing
  • Yield dominator across early maturity area
  • Maintains high yield potential North or South of maturity zone
  • Will branch extensively in wider row situations

NS 0095LL

  • RM: 00.9
  • Ultra early LibertyLink offering
  • High yield with terrific defensive package
  • Excellent emergence and standability

NS 0129LL

  • RM: 0.1
  • Widely adaptable in the northern market area
  • Good IDC score with high yield for maturity
  • Rps1k gene with excellent field tolerance